ZamZam Water

ZamZam Water


Let’s have a glance over the top 10 miracles of ZamZam Water.

The Word ZamZam means stop! Stop! It was said by Hazrat Hajira. The word ZamZam has been derived from Zimam. It is an Arabic word. It is the rope attached to the bridle or noseband. It is used to stop the running animals. The water level of ZamZam is approximately 10.6 feet below the surface. It is one of the greatest miracles on earth. A Japanese energy scholar, entrepreneur, and author, named Masaru Emoto is best known for his claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. He also researched on ZamZam water. Emoto used the technology called NANO. He researched a lot on ZamZam water.

While researching simple water Masaru Emoto came to know that Muslims say “Bismillah” before drinking or eating anything and due to saying “Bismillah” on simple water, there are some strange changes happened in the quality of simple water. “Bismillah” makes it bester water. Masaru Emoto found that if someone recited the Holy Quran on simple water, the simple water gets the ability for the treatment of different diseases. His conclusion has also been given below. Let’s have a glance over the top 10 miracles of ZamZam Water.

10 – Life of ZamZam

 ZamZam is providing water from the time of Hazrat Ismaeel as till now.

9 – Water Level of ZamZam

The water level is not getting low. It is as it was thousands of years ago. It is continuously pumping for more than twenty-four hours with a pumping rate of eight thousand liters per second. Eight thousand liters per second means 0.48 million liters per minute. 0.48 million per minute means 28.8 million liters per hour. 28.8 million liters per hour means that 691.2 million liters per day.

8 – Never overflow from the well

Allah holds the extraordinary powerful aquifer for not throwing extra ZamZam out of the well. ZamZam gets refilled automatically and immediately.

7 – Elements in ZamZam water

ZamZam’s samples tested by the European laboratories show that Zamzam contains Calcium and Magnesium. As compared to simple water the ratio of Magnesium and Calcium is higher in ZamZam water. Therefore, ZamZam refreshes tired Hajis.

ZamZam in bottles

6 – Purity of ZamZam water

Laboratories tests show that ZamZam water contains fluorides that have effective germicidal action. The quality and purity of ZamZam water have not yet been found anywhere else in the water on this globe.

5 – Tests of ZamZam water

Emoto found in some tests that the quality of ZamZam cannot be changed. Why it cannot be changed? Science does not the actual reason. Emoto even recycled the ZamZam but no could not find any change. It was still pure.

4 – Minerals in ZamZam water

A mineral in one drop of ZamZam has its own importance that has not yet been found in any other water on this earth (Emoto’s research)

3 – Taste of ZamZam water

We know that water has no color, taste, and smell. ZamZam also has no color and smell, but it has a distinct taste.

2 – Effect on other Water

If one drop of ZamZam water is mixed in 1000 drops of simple water, simple water will get the same quality as ZamZam water. (Emoto’s research)

1 – Reduces the hunger

As we know water usually fills our thrust, but ZamZam fills our hunger and thrust as well. You can stay alive just by drinking Zamzam water for as long as you can.


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