Destiny | A short story by Ayesha Rafique

”Yes yes, why would you listen to me? Now I am getting old but It doesn’t mean I have no more importance”, Salima baghum said proudly.

”Look how pitiful I am who couldn’t turn the situation out according to his will. After reaching this level I am still empty hand. The one who is bathed in the blood is none other but my sister. Life will show me such a painful day, I never thought ever. Putting gun on his forehead he thought painfully and just tapped the trigger.

”Anaya, where are you? I have been calling you for two hours”, Salima baghum reprimanded.
”Sorry, Amma! I was in the kitchen so I couldn’t listen to you”, I said scarcely.

”Yes yes, why would you listen to me? Now I am getting old but It doesn’t mean I have no more importance”, Salima baghum said proudly.

It was not a new thing for me. Waking up early with Amma’s screaming is my daily routine.
Stepmother cannot be your real mother. After the death of my mother, my father married another woman and since then I am doing housework. On my birthday my father died too. He died in an accident and since then my stepmother started calling me ”Manhoos” (cursed). I couldn’t change her mentality and now I think I can’t change.

”I don’t know where is Ahmad I am so worried for him. He doesn’t pay attention to home and spends all day in useless activities”, Salima baghum said worriedly.

My stepbrother had spoiled and Amma couldn’t stop him because some things can never be controlled.

Anaya was a very innocent, cute, talented and simple girl. Green eyes were the most prominent thing on her face. Beautiful and long silky hair can mesmerize anyone. She had a mediocre height with a slim body. She was pretty but her fate was worst.

”Anaya, what is your next plane? It’s been 2 years of your graduation but you are still at home not doing any job, ” Samn said.
Actually, I am looking for a job with a handsome salary but I couldn’t find any yet. She said anxiously.

”Hmm, one of my relatives works in a company and he was saying his boss needs a secretory so you can apply for this job. Furthermore, they offer a handsome salary, ” Samn said.

”Ok, I will go tomorrow. You can give me the address of the company”. She said.

He was the only son of his parents. He remained abroad since his childhood and after graduation, he came back to Pakistan. Everyone feels envious of him. He was an extraordinary person no one could reach his level. He had the prince-like demeanor with a doughty voice. He had the ability to mesmerize others. His friends used to call him a lucky king because he gets whatever he wanna get. Arsal was the owner of a well-reputed ”Nawaz company”.

”I am so nervous. It’s a very big company why they will select me, ” Anaya muttered.
”Ok, mam! Boss is calling you for an interview, ” Receptionist spoke.

I started walking deadly.

”Ok, miss Anaya so you are saying you don’t have any experience in this field so how you gonna do it if you don’t know about it”, Arsal asked thoughtfully.

”Sir, I am a quick learner, I am sure I will learn it and I will perform my best, ” Anaya managed awkwardly.

Arsal sighed and said, ”Ok, we will inform you within two days”.

After she left one of employees said,” Sir, I don’t think so she could do this better I think the Ist candidate will be best for this post”.
”No, she will be best for this job. You will inform her tomorrow and set her schedule ”, Arsal said confidently.

”I can’t believe that I have selected for this job because I was so nervous in the interview, ” Anaya said excitedly.

”I was sure, you will ace it. You are so beautiful how others can reject you”, Samn said confidently.

”Shut up yaar I am going to tell Amma probably she will become so happy,” Anaya said.
”Yes why not she will be the happiest to know your salary”, she said sarcastically.


”It was a new place and a new experience for me and I will work hard”, she thought passionately.
”Miss Anaya, I hope you are now well known about my routine so you have to be careful because I don’t like mistakes and I am sure you would not give me chance to repeat it, ” Arsal warned her.
”Ok, sir, I would not give you a chance to complain”, She confidently said.

After 2 months.
”Hey Arsal what are you thinking? Is everything alright? ” Ali said.
Ahh yes, I am alright.

”No, I don’t think so If everything is disturbing you, you can share with me.

”I don’t know but I think I am feeling something new for someone,” Arsal said confusingly.
”Oh boss, I think you are in love who is that lucky girl who has stolen our prince’s heart that was a very difficult thing”, Ali said naughtily.

”Ah, I don’t know it is love or not but she is so different than others. She is so innocent and simple. She has so beautiful eyes but she doesn’t show off. She did not even try to hit on me. She minds her own business”, he said with pure love.

”Oh, friend you are totally in love. yaaaayyy wedding bells tantanaaa!”, Ali commented excitedly.

”Well let’s see what happens I should propose her first but I think I should win her heart”
”Why would you do this Mr. Arsal you have a splendid personality with well-off status who idiot will reject you?” All said confidently.

”You think I will spare you how you can think that I will do mercy upon you when you know I am cruel and ruthless, ” he said recklessly and shot him.

He was not satisfied with his life. He couldn’t sleep well at night. He wandered anxiously in the streets. He was extremely handsome with the heavy torso and muscled arms. He had brown face color with some beard. His black dense hair were shine and his voice were heavy. His deep black eyes seemed full of sorrow.

”If you are not happy with your life then why you do this. Master, your hands are shed with blood. Be a gentleman now. I can’t let you astray, ” Arshad said worriedly.

” I can never live peacefully until I get revenge, I will do this till my last breath, ” his intentions were firm.

”I don’t know but I feel his gaze on me I feel so uncomfortable in his company now. I just do my own work. He was quite good at the beginning but now he looks suspicious. He was not like this”, Anaya said thoughtfully.

Oh, C’mon Anaya, you please don’t think too much it’s just your misunderstanding don’t take it seriously”, Samn while trying to assure her.


Arsal talking to himself: ”Why I am getting involved in that common girl? What if she rejects me then how I will face her again? Why her beautiful face is still in my eyes? Why do I think of her all day? I should talk to her about my feelings before it gets late”.

”I can’t imagine it, Anaya, how it could possible I mean how a rich and handsome guy can propose you for marriage. Oh, girl, you are so lucky”. Samn said happily.

”Yes, It is unbelievable that’s why I didn’t believe it because I know he is just trying to flirt with me”, Anaya confided.

”Oh C’mon try to give him one chance. Don’t miss this opportunity. You never know what could happen next but tell me how he proposed to you?” she asked.

”I went with him to a coffee shop and he confessed that he loves me and wanna marry me, ” Anaya told her.

”Oh My God, how romantic.” she cried out.
”Nothing was romantic he was saying in a professional tone he is the most unromantic person, ” she said.
”Oh, just like you how cute couple”, she mumbled.

”I have decided mom I will marry only that girl otherwise I will not marry anyone else”, Arsal concluded.
”You are out of your mind Arsal, your status is different why are you not understanding me”, his mother said worriedly.
”I am sorry mom but I have decided, not you or father can change my decision. Please be ready we will go to her home tomorrow”, he said and left the room.

On the call..
”Anaya, my mother will come tomorrow and I hope your family will not have any objections. I can’t wait anymore. I wanna marry you as soon as possible”, he confessed.

Anaya was still in a dream because for her it was like a beautiful dream. She couldn’t believe that a person, like him, will marry her. She wanted to fly on the top of the sky. She was feeling herself the luckiest girl in the world. Her stepmother was also so happy because she was well aware she is gonna rich within days and she will demand a lot of money from them.


”Who is here? Please, get me out of this hellish place, why you brought me here, what I have done to you? Please for God’s sake, let me go, please, let me go. Why you are not telling me? I know you are standing in the darkness but why are you silent? Please, let me know why did you bring me here?” she burst out.

”You are kidnapped, girl, now, no one will help you. No one can save you from me. I will do with you whatever I wanna do. No one can stop me. Now I will extinguish the fire of revenge in which I had been burning for 2 years”, he shouted and pulled me towards him.

”Are you insane? You did nikkah but what about your revenge, how you can forget your sister’s painful death and your mother’s miserable life? Is it easy for you? Oh, so you have fallen for that girl. Man, you are in her trap you don’t know her cunning wits don’t forget your purpose”, Arshad scolded.

”No I didn’t forget my purpose but I couldn’t do this evil act with her. I saw pain in her eyes she was begging for her respect. I couldn’t do this. My sister must have been crying out for help. She must have been begging for mercy. How can I reach that level”, Hakkan cried out.

“You little brat why did you do nikkah with her?“ Arshad said.

“Because I don’t wanna let her go now she will stay with me like my maid”, he said confidently.

”It’s been 6 months and I am with this psycho man. I don’t know how my family is doing and now what Arsal thinks about me? I think they must have forgotten me. No one came to take me from here. No one tried to know what I am going and where I am? I am just stuck here and no one knows. Life is so unpredictable we never know what awaits us tomorrow or even the next moment. I don’t know where I am I just know I should not here. Happiness is an allusion for me how could I forget this thing”, Anaya thought painfully.

”With the passage of time, I am getting tired I don’t know where is she? How she is doing? Is she alive or.? No, I don’t wanna think this she is alive and maybe she is living her life happily. But please come, Anaya, I am still waiting for you. I need you please come back.” He said worriedly.

”Arsal you are still thinking about that characterless girl who betrayed you”
”Please mom please, you can’t blame her when you don’t know what actually happened”
”forget her Arsal she will never come back remember it”. She warned him.


”Dinner is ready can I serve?” Anaya said scarcely.
”No, I have eaten”, Hakkan spoke
She sighed.
”Did you eat?” he asked.
”Not yet ”.
”Ok, get the dinner ready I am coming”, He left.

”I don’t know why but now I feel comfortable in his presence maybe because I am getting close to him or maybe it has become my habit to see him and talk to him. I don’t know why did he kidnap me if he doesn’t even like me what was his purpose and which revenge he was talking about. Ist two months were the worst months of my life. I couldn’t imagine that my husband will beat me. I was a common girl with ill_fate. I never wished to marry a prince or a rich guy but I never expected ever that I will marry such a ruthless guy who is cruel and a murderer. After two months he started talking with me normally. He provided me anything and he started caring my health and. Now he is not rude to me but still, he is not good. I always saw him sitting in the dark loneliness with a sad face and eyes. I always wanted to ask him because I wanted to know his problems. But I was reluctant to say anything to him.”, Anaya thought painfully.


“I was right my friend you are in love with her but you don’t admit it”, Arshad said confidently.

“No, why I will love my enemy never it’s not possible. I am just fed up with all this I want peace in my life that’s why I don’t beat her now”, Hakkan confirmed.

”I am sorry Daniya, I could not give you justice I couldn’t fight for your right. Ammi, I know you will never forgive me but I am compelled. I couldn’t do injustice with Anaya”, Hakkan said sadly and put flowers on her mother’s and sister’s grave.


”Assalam u akaikm Arshad Bahi, please sit, I bring tea for you actually Hakkan is not at the home,” she told.

” It better for me to die than taking your home’s tea,” Arshad said outspokenly.
”Please Arshad Bahi, for god’s sake, tell me what I have done to you? I wanna know my fault. Please at least give me a chance to tell about my side to you, ” she burst out.

”What will you do after knowing it? ” he asked.
”I will do whatever I can do for you and Hakkan,” she said confidently.

Arshad told her all the story.
Hakkan was a brilliant student and the only son of his mother and brother of his younger sister. He was 18 years old when his father died in an accident. He was financially so weak but he managed everything and took the responsibility for his family. He worked hard for his family. He sent his sister to school because he wanted to make her doctor. His sister was so beautiful as you. She was so innocent and simple. But the evil eye swallowed her.

It was her birthday and she called Hakkan to come early I was with Hakkan at that time. He was working with me at the shop. Hakkan bought gifts for her.

She was so happy but she didn’t know that day will be her last day. Her mother was in the market for different preparations for her birthday that’s why she was alone in the home.
One guy used to follow her and tease her but she didn’t tell others except her friend who told us after her death.

The guy was none other but your brother. Who was drunk and entered her home and raped her? She tried to stop her and hit him with a vase and in response, he stabbed a knife in her belly.
When Hakkan and I entered the home he was leaving home. That was the most agonizing view I had ever seen. I couldn’t tell you in words. Hakkan was like a dead person. How one can see his little innocent sister in that painful condition. He came to his consciousness when he heard the deadly screaming of her mother. We didn’t know when will she come but she was not in control.

Hakkan ran towards the room and brought a gun and tried to kill him but I stopped him hardly.
Her mother had gone crazy but she could survive two months after her daughter’s death. She used to cry daily and miss her daughter. Her condition was so miserable that brought tears in every watching eye.

After his mother’s death, Hakkan decided to take his revenge and made this his life’s only purpose. He kidnapped you but your luck was so kind to you or maybe Hakkan was not like your cheap brother.

” Arshad’s eyes were full of tears and he was trembling while telling this painful story. My brother destroyed someone’s whole family and he is living freely”, I thought sadly.
”I will do anything for his sister’s justice. I will help him to throw my Brother into jail”, Anaya said firmly.

”So you wanna help me but why you wanna do this when you know he is your brother,” Hakkan asked.
”I feel shameful to say him my brother. A home-wrecker, a culprit, a rapist, and a murderer can never be my brother. Now it’s up to me how I will do this.” she said.

Life seems good now. After a long time, I am feeling peaceful and relaxed. Whenever I look at her it feels like she is the best thing that ever happened to me. She is not like his brother I wonder if she is his real sister or not? It feels like she will share my all worries and make me laugh again. I don’t wanna die I wanna live for her and with her. I wanna love her and wanna start my family. Hakkan thought while watching her busy in her work.

The weather was getting worst and It was raining. Clouds were roar loudly and I went to close the windows but Hakkan stopped me. I saw pure love in his eyes he pulled me closer and kissed on my forehead. I was shocked because I was not expecting this from him. I always thought he hates me but now he was totally changed Hakkan. He kissed on my cheeks and whispered in my ears” you are the best thing that ever happened in my life”. Then the whole night he loved me and make me feel so important. That night I decided I will nurture this relationship and never leave him alone. He needs me and yes I need him.

”Arey kambakht mahoos, why did you come again? You have no place in my home you characterless girl, you slut, go away I don’t wanna see your dirty face again”, Salima begum cried out.
”please Amma don’t let me go. You are my only hope and it was not my fault please just listen to me I wanna tell you so important thing about Ahmad”, I tried to convince her.

”Anaya told her all the story and said she will help Ahmad and he will never leave him alone.
Amma firstly Ahmad has to tell me what actually happened if he will tell me the whole truth it will be easy for me to help him, ” I assured her.

When Ahmad came he was drunk but he was in full consciousness because he used to of it. He came and started beating me and used slang language. Amma stopped him and told him the whole story. Firstly, he denied but when I assured him he admitted his sin.

“What do you think Hakkan will it easy for Anaya or she is trapping you to get rid of you?” Arshan asked.

“No, I don’t think so It will be her plane I hope she will not betray me or in any other case no matter what I will kill her and her brother,” he said fiercely.

“You know Anaya was in love with someone else and soon she was going to get married.
Hakkan, If she helps you, then you should let her go to live her life according to her will. It will be your best payback I hope you will understand her,” Arshad gave him a suggestion.
Hakkan sighed painfully.

”Fate is still cruel to me. Everything will turn out according to our fate, we can’t change it. I am still an empty hand. I am going to lose my love again but I can do nothing I am going to alone again my world going to end again, ” he thought bitterly.

”What?? ” Arsal almost cried.
”Yes, sir, the news is absolutely right and I confirmed it, ” his assistant said.
”She is in her home Oh my God I was not wrong. I was known she will come back and she still loves me. I wouldn’t take a second to bring her.” he left the room.

”Why is the police here? Anaya, what the police are doing here? Oh, It was your plane. You did wrong to me you have to pay off for this I will not let you spare, ”

Ahmad grabbed Anaya and put a knife on her neck.
“Don’t move or I will kill her. Let me go,” Ahmad warned.

At that moment Hakkan entered and hit him with his leg. Hakkan grabbed Anaya and police arrested Ahmad. Anaya gave a tape recorder to the police as a piece of evidence.
She recorded his voice when he was admitting his sin she did this cunningly so no one could catch her.

Anaya saw tears were rolling down from Hakkan’s eyes.

” Allah certainly rewards good. The end of evil is always bad, ”Anaya consoled him.
Leaving Salima begum screaming, they took the exit from her home.

”She is too weak than before she looks so dim but still satisfied. I can’t believe that I am watching her face again. That innocent face that was the reason for my smile and that green eyes that are still in my heart, ” Arsal thought while watching Anaya in front of him.

I am seeing him after a long time but he is still the same with the same grace and splendid personality. His attitude is still the same but his eyes are deserted seems like he had been in deep pain for a long time. I am happy to see him again but I am not satisfied this time. I don’t know why it is so, ” Anaya thought.


”The person who is standing in front of us is definitely the one who loves Anaya and now he will take her away from me. I can’t stop him. I am feeling hate for that person but I am compelled, ” Hakkan thought and said to Anaya,” I am leaving, you can go with that person I will not compel or force you to live with me. I will not forget what you have done for me. I will always remember you and your favor. Forgive me for my harshness and rude behavior with you. I did very wrong with you that I shouldn’t do with you. I am paying back by giving you the freedom to live your life. I will send you the divorce papers when you will ask. Hakkan didn’t stop after saying it.

Hakkan said and left her in agony but she had decided that she will live with Hakkan who is her husband now. Who suffered a lot now she will turn his life into heaven with her love.

”It’s been so long Mr. Arsal and I am happy to see you here, ” Anaya said.

”Where were you, Anaya I found you like a mad but I couldn’t find you. I have always been looking for you but you were nowhere, ” Arsal said with pure love.

”It is so long story Mr. Arsal that could not be told you now but I wanna tell you that I am married now and I can’t leave my husband. I was kidnapped but it was not my fault it was not me who elopped with him. But it was my destiny that I am in front of you but I am not yours. It is an honor for me that you waited for me and you waited so long. I appreciate your efforts but I am compelled. If I don’t live with my husband he will be broken. I know he loves me but he is not good at showing it. He needs me and I need him, ” Anaya told him with satisfaction and left him silent.

”I’ve always been yearning for love but I remained empty hand. After my sister and mother’s death, life was over for me. Revenge was only purpose of my life. I am a culprit and a murderer. Anaya is so innocent and respectful girl she doesn’t deserve me. She deserves the best. That person is perfect for her. She will be happy with him. No one needs me. I am still alone in these thousands of people. Now I don’t have any purpose to live. What I will do without her. It was my destiny and I couldn’t change it”. Hakkan opened the bottle of poisonous pills and swallowed the pills.

”The last face that I saw before my death was Anaya’s face. She was saying she will live with me because she loves me. I guess she was complaining about why I don’t show him my love if I love him. She was saying how I can let her go. I have no right to decide it but she doesn’t know I would not survive anymore, ” Hakkan thought painfully.

”Hakkan Hakkan are you ok? What happened? Please tell me what happened?

” He was in my arms and slowly he was losing his consciousness. I was shocked at what happened to him. He was in good condition before but now what happened to him. Anaya thought.

” I am sorry Anaya. I hate myself being the reason for your pains and sorrows. I gave you so much pain but you deserve better in your life. Go and live your life. It is a great honor for me that you are with me in my last moments. The moments that I spent with you were the most beautiful moments of my life. I always aspired for those moments. I wanna tell you that I love you, Anaya. I fell in love with you the day when I saw tears in your green eyes. I couldn’t stop myself to love you. Arshad was right, I was in love with you that’s why I couldn’t harm you, ” Hakkan said and left her forever.

”No no Hakkan please wake up, please wake up” I cried loudly but he was not listening to me.
I saw poisonous foam was coming out of his mouth. I couldn’t imagine he can do this.

”I can’t leave you alone Hakkan I am coming, ” Anaya opened that poison bottle and swallowed the rest of the tablets ..

”Not everyone is bad by nature there are some worst conditions that make them bad. Hakkan was good by soul but his revenge made him evil. Don’t do revenge, wait until the karma strikes them. He couldn’t live his life according to his will. It was his destiny.

Arsal was well-off, rich, handsome and he achieves anything in life but he couldn’t marry that woman he loved the most it was his destiny.
Anaya was ill-fated. Everything she loved was taken from her it was her destiny. You can not change your destiny. Everything turns out according to your fate.

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