These are the unbelievable and true stories of children who were raised by animals. These unbelievable stories are indeed saddest. One cannot even think about his children being lost and raised by animals.

The human child, who has lived away from humans at a very young age, is called a feral child. He does not have any experience of social behavior, human language, etc. In other words, children brought up by animals are called feral children. Almost one hundred cases have been reported of feral children, but I have mentioned the 10 most interesting cases in this list.

These are the unbelievable and true stories of children who were raised by animals. These unbelievable stories are indeed saddest. One cannot even think about his children being lost and raised by animals. People work from dawn to dusk for the good future of their children. Parents even sacrifice their lives for their children. This is the instinct of human beings to love their children. It is the instinct of actually every living thing to love their children. It is so sad and astonishing that many children mentioned in this list were abandoned by their parents.  Animal, especially beasts such as wolves and leopards are supposed to be fond of eating any living being rather than nourishing. Here, I have prepared a list of 10 children who were raised by animals. These are true and interesting stories in the history of human beings.

10.  A boy lived with Dogs and had dogs like traits

A seven-year-old boy named Andrei Tolstyk was discovered by social workers. He belonged to Russia. He could not talk and he had adopted many dog-like traits including sniffing food before eating, biting people, and walking on all fours. He was afraid of people when found. Even after some days he behaved aggressively and continued to sniff his food before eating it. Two weeks after his arrival, he began to walk like a human. Now he can play with the ball and eat with a spoon.

9. The boy who was raised by monkeys

It is an amazing and true story that a four-year-old boy named John Ssebunya fled into the forest when he saw his mother’s murder by his father. He was reportedly nourished by a troop of Vervet monkeys. He was discovered in 1991. It is said that he resisted capture from the villagers. Now John has learned how to speak and sing. He also had a tour with the Pearl of Africa children’s choir.

 8. The barking girl who was raised by cats and dogs

It is an interesting but sad story of a five-year-old girl named Natasha. She is from the city of Chita, Siberia. In 2009, she was found walking like animals, communicating by barking and drinking water with her tongue. She was reportedly raised by dogs(dangerous). She had spent her entire life locked in a room with cats and dogs. There was no facility for heat, water, and bathroom in the room. When she was found, she was barking and jumping like her “caretakers”. She could not speak in Russian, her native tongue. She had clear attributes of animals. Her father, Victor Lozhkin, and Mother Yana Mikhailova had no contact with her for two years. Her parents were arrested on suspicion of neglect.

7. The kid who was raised by birds

Here, I have another sad story of a seven-year-old boy. It was found in 2008. He was found to have spent his entire life living in a two-bedroom apartment surrounded by birds. It was reported that his mother never spoke to him and treated him as a pet. He was unable to speak when he was found. He could only chirp and flap his arms like wings. He had been copying birds in his entire life.

6. The Argentinean kid who was cared for by cats.

Here is another interesting story. Argentinean police found a one-year-old abandoned child in 2008. He was surrounded by eight wild cats in the province of Misiones. The Cats reportedly kept the boy alive during the freezing winter nights. During the freezing winter nights, the cats used to sleep over him to protect him from cold. The cats even tried to clean him by licking the crusted mud from his skin. He was also seen eating scraps of food like cats. Boy’s homeless father was found by police. He told police that he lost him several days earlier while out collecting cardboard to sell. He also told that the cats have always been protective of his son.

5. The Siberian boy who was raised by dogs

It is an interesting story of a boy who was raised by a dog since he was three months old. In 2004, he was discovered in a remote area of Siberia. He was seven years old when discovered. He was abandoned by his parents. This sad story started when he was three months old. His mother left home by entrusting her child’s care to his alcoholic father who abandoned his child soon afterward.

4. A Russian boy who was raised by goats

A malnourished wild child named Sasha T was discovered in 2012. He had spent many years in a room with goats in the Rostov region of Russia. His mother Marina had kept him in that room. He did not know about speaking and eating. He had not learned to use the bathroom. Deputy Head of social work in the town of Shakhti said that the boy’s mother was not present when they found the boy. He used to play and slept with goats for years in the same room. The boy was afraid of adults. His weight was a third less than the atypical child of his age. He strictly refused to sleep in the cot.

3. The Russian child found in a wolf’s lair

In 2007, in central Russia, a boy was found by hospital workers.  He was discovered in a lair of sticks and leaves with a pack of wolves. He was named Lyokha by the hospital workers. They were confused by his wolf-like trait. He had toenails like claws, sharp teeth like beasts, and a wolf-like gait. He was approximately 10 years old. Interestingly, he escaped from the hospital within twenty-four hours of entering. Due to this reason, his origin is still unknown. It is also said that his parents abandoned him to live with the wolves.

2. The Leopard Boy

In the Journal of Bombay Natural History Society, in July 1920, a leopard child was reported by EC. Stuart Baker. A leopardess had stolen the boy from his parents in 1912. He was recovered and identified, three years later. He used to run on all fours almost as fast as an adult man could run. He was much quicker and clever. His toes, palms of hands, and pads were covered with very though horny skin. When he was caught, he tried to bit people. He fought with everyone. He was torn to pieces which chicken came within his reach. He ate the torn thing with extraordinary swiftness

1. Wild Peter

Wild Peter was the first famous feral child. He was a black-haired, brownish and naked creature. He was found near Helpensen in Hanover in the year 1724. He was about 12 when he was captured. He was able to climb a tree with ease. He seemed incapable of speech. When he was offered bread, he strictly refused. He preferred to strip the bark from green twigs and suck on the sap. However, he learned to eat fruit and vegetables with time. He was taken to England where he was studied by leading men of letters and researchers. Peter spent sixty-eight years in society but could not learn to say anything except “King George” and “peter”. His sense of smell was acute like animals.

Furthermore: You might have come to know that how cruel those people are who left their children in the lurch. They do not take care of them ultimately, they have to be nourished by other people or even animals.

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