March 2, 2024

COVID-19 the mirror of capitalist system & JK sufferings

Independent JK will allow both India & Pakistan to come out from the arms race and to consider basic needs of their own poor fellow countrymen.

Where COVID-19 or Coronavirus is currently untreatable and deadly, also spreading the fear & mass infection around the globe. It can also be seen as a mirror of the capitalist system showing its real face to the world. Whether it’s natural or man-made, in both cases, we need to have a closer look into the inner side of this cruel system which is really a curse to humanity today. World’s ruling class have had a history of bloodsheds, mass murders in the name of wars, peace, stability, defence & much more but the basic purpose, as well as the outcome of all this rambling, is same which is being assembled on human lives with different names.

It will take time to decide whether COVOD-19 is a biological warfare agent or natural but upon its interaction to humans, things are now much clear to the public which were being indicated by our comrades now & then but always passed unnoticed.

Everyone now can see very clearly this disease attacking the human lungs and at the last stage, we need a ventilator to save the patient. But the sad part is; this system doesn’t consider ventilators as important but manufacturing & production of ammunition, tanks, missiles, fighter jets, atom bombs & much more in globally exportable quantity to destroy the human being for their gains. Every cure of diseases is business, even every invention is business.

Capitalist system just thinks about the profit whether it comes from human blood, from selling human organs or else, the only consideration is profit and protection for the ruling elite class.

Poor masses are suffering from decades and still unable to acquire even necessary food or even routine vitamins for survival. Deprivation is commonly inherited with the insistence to believe it a God’s gift. Just consider COVID-19 a natural virus for instance, here, we have seen the policies of every state for its poor masses , sick & disabled peoples, daily wagers & others lower classes of society.

We can clearly see the vast difference between the working and elite class’s routine activities and behaviour. These states are failed to take care of the peoples and letting them stranded around the globe.

As a citizen of Jammu Kashmir , along with all these systematic cruelties , sufferings & deprivation , we are living in colonial era. India & Pakistan are keep killing us for their benefits and to prolong their occupational business. Whether it’s COVID time or else, death in the hands of Indian , Pakistani armies & agencies is our fate from last more then seven decades.

It’s time for us Jammu Kashmiri peoples to consider and understand the need of the hour seriously. We must recognise and acknowledge our rights and need to stand up for our national independence. That’s the only way out not only for our sufferings & slavery but also it’s the only help of poor masses of India & Pakistan.

Independent JK will allow both India & Pakistan to come out from the arms race and to consider basic needs of their own poor fellow countrymen. That’s really a great help for both countries poor masses. Revolution is the inheritance of Jammu Kashmiri peoples, stand up all those who will never be slaved !!


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