March 2, 2024

Jammu Kashmir and Current International Scenario

Their policies have even been contradicting mainly with what they said before getting into power. Later they have also made many claims that were never to be accurate, and the promises they made were then lost like never existed.

Recently we have been hearing a lot about Kashmir issue Internationally as US President Donald Trump in a meeting with Prime minister of Pakistan vowed that he is ready to be a mediator between India and Pakistan for solving Jammu Kashmir. Trump said that Narendra Modi also requested him to meditate on the issue.

Although، Indian Foreign office disowned the claim within a few hours, some still think it is some sort of back door diplomacy which India yet doesn’t want to publicise.

Imran Khan also has been highlighting the Kashmir issue and has been talking about it a lot since he got elected. Such advancements have brought in a ray of hope in the people of the conflicted zone, and they have started to hope for some sort of progress on the issue. This side of the coin may sound appealing as after the solution of Jammu Kashmir a hope of peace and Mutual cooperation rises between India and Pakistan and with Mutual interdependence they possibly can achieve high goals and finally the sufferings of people living in the Conflict zone can come to an end, but there is another side of the coin.

Looking at the history of Jammu Kashmir and the role of Nation States Globally doesn’t look so pleasant. The issue of Jammu Kashmir is always used in every possible mean it could have been. From exploitation of national resources, political interests to the dirty weapons business of nation-states. If we see the recent track record of the current Pakistani Government, we even won’t find it so predictable.

Their policies have even been contradicting mainly with what they said before getting into power. Later they have also made many claims that were never to be accurate, and the promises they made were then lost like never existed. Some even say that Imran khan government follows the management leadership principles of Niccolo Machiavelli the Italian philosopher of 15th century famously known for his book” the prince” which explains how to prolong and defend your regime by making a fake soft image in front of the people but to do everything necessary back of the curtain.

His government is also criticised internationally for suppressing freedom of expression and trying to manipulate the media houses. On the other end, India claims Kashmir to be their integral part, and the interim party is an extreme right-wing party with a history of communal violence and a strong narrative on Jammu Kashmir as an integral part of India. So what much you can expect from them?

Well coming to the United States, we all know the United States will defend its own interests, and it needs Pakistan still in Afghan Peace process. Pakistani citizens don’t have much regard for the United States, and at the end of the day there is not much difference between a Pakistani citizen, an Indian citizen and a US citizen, but the difference between them and their governments is quite a big one. So are these governments of the states.

They are close to each other, and mutually they work for their interests in back door diplomacy, and on the front page, they tell the people what they want to hear. Jammu Kashmir issue is even more complicated than it seems according to Samuel P Huntington there is a clash of civilisations in Kashmir. A possible solution of Jammu Kashmir is said to be an

Independent state and some people try to connect the recent events by an information that was of the last period of cold war that the CIA also wanted an Independent Jammu Kashmir but it is an outdated argument as it was the time when the world was bipolar, and new countries were emerging on the map of world but expecting the same Policy of United States right now would be too dumb to think of.

I may not be cent per cent correct, but neither of the nation-states without any specific national interest would want a new state to emerge on the Map as it would be a boom to the separatist’s movements all across the world. So we conclude the current issue is possibly just a hoax and the real thing in Afghanistan. Let’s hope for the good. But without a strong movement and influential voices from all parts of Jammu Kashmir. And effective methods to communicate with the world of their own because no nation, the state would be a key to their freedom as all have to work for their own national interests.


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