April 23, 2024

More Chronic than Corona (A different perspective) – Usama Mumtaz

From the Black Death to smallpox, Sars to Avian Influenza and Ebola to Leprosy we the humans fought and came out victorious every time.

From the Black Death to smallpox, Sars to Avian Influenza and Ebola to Leprosy we the humans fought and came out victorious every time. Human beings together have always been the warriors, survivors and the winners. The diseases which were said to be untreatable are prevented now by pre-disease vaccines.

The recent coronavirus outbreak has taken thousands of lives worldwide and is concerning but certainly, the research is going on and a breakthrough will be soon achieved. As it is an uncertain outbreak and we all are united against it and with the progress researchers have made it can be claimed that soon the cure will be introduced. Apart from this, there is another side of the coin. A perspective which haunts this system from centuries.

The issue to which concern is required of all the humanity especially intellectuals, policymakers, political and environmental activists and Educational institutions is the current economic system. This system which has been affecting humanity much more than any virus. Like a crop cant be raised without seeds, water and proper care, this crop of Capitalism has also not grown up in wild. It has been bread, updated and secured by all the good ways or the Machiavellian ones.

Many proper systematic organisations and man-made ideologies grow this crop and take care of it as it generates them uncountable profits and power over the rest. From investors investing in politicians to policymakers and later using them for there benefits like industrial Cuts in taxes to policies banning unions to make sure no one organises against this hegemony. (“Big Brother is watching” from the book 1984).

In this 21st century, no one is unaware of the tool: creating the problem and then solving problems to get paid for solving the problems you created. Just like creating a software virus and then making an anti-virus and selling it in the market. Replacing traditional reproductive seeds with GMO from international monopolies which provide seeds which after few times don’t reproduce are easy for pests to attack and later these companies also sell pesticides. Well, this has also been happening as creating human viruses and selling its cure, but it is quite more complex than that. Recent 8 to 10 years have been real eye-openers for the people around the globe. They have openly challenged neoliberal imperialism.

From France to Chile or from IRAN to Sudan people have been openly Rebelling against capitalist policies of their states and this movement seemed to grow and never stopped. Capitalism is more worth than a few lives around the globe. To save Capitalism and to dismantle the aggression of people against the states which were seen to grow at the top in the last two years many tools like corona are on standby. The Capitalists are pure evils. What more can you expect from the people who run a system which only cares about profit? (John Perkin in “Confessions of Economic Hitman “) writes how states are taken in control by Imperialists using debiting policy.

So, when even their controlled states have failed to keep the system running, they use such Viruses. You can see Governments all over the world control all sports events, jobs, colleges, medical facilities, weather or not you can leave your house and controls all travels. And you guys wondering why they use and develop viruses to scare the public. They now Control you and Everything about your life. See how easy it was? Mass Panic, Hysteria, complete control. Of, literally, the world. Over a virus, one that’s survival rates are even extremely high. All freedom has been limited overnight. See how easy that was?

So, we conclude that the current economic system is not only benefiting a few sittings behind the curtains but also is the worst enemy of the majority of the human kind and it has to be changed.


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